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A little about us

The focus of the service lies in helping clients with their administrative projects, helping them grow by being organised, and achieving their business goals. Not only are we here to handle tasks promptly but also provide transparency throughout every step along this journey. With a virtual assistant available whenever you need them we can take care of all your tasks, providing friendly, skilled, "can do" support, high in quality, and freeing up more of your time!
Cost Effective
Virtual Anywhere
Our Company
Working with Virtual Anywhere, you can have peace of mind that your business is in good hands. We're committed to building and maintaining a strong relationship with our clients.
Our Goals
Our ultimate goal is to go above and beyond for all of our customers by making sure that their needs are met with the best possible service for the best outcomes.

Shireesh Christians

Managing Director & Owner
"I am a skilled IT professional with over 18 years' experience committed to providing the best service possible.

As an adaptable person, I enjoy all challenges and thrive on being pro-active which means that my deadlines are always met to the best of my ability. My positive attitude towards work makes me great at what I do, not only does it create harmony but also guarantees high quality results for clients like you! Over the years I have been able to accumulate administrative skills, organizational skills, project planning skills as well as technical skills which has helped me get to where I am today!

Let's work together to create an amazing experience!"

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Project Initiation
Customer Consultation
Scope, Sourcing, Budget & Management
Implementation, deliverables & SLAs'
Timeframes, Productivity, Budget Plan, Billing
Project Overview
Reports on Outcomes and Deliverables
How does it work


We have a wide range of services to offer, but not limited to. If you need anything else or if we can help your business in any way please let us know!
Small Project Management Services
Administrative Services
Database Services
Process Documenting Services
Accounting Services
Remote Tech Services

Our affordable pricing

makes working with Virtual Anywhere easy!
Our Phased Approach
At Virtual Anywhere we pride ourselves on being reasonable and affordable. We can also work out a monthly plan and pricing for you if you have different needs or require assistance for longer. Talk to us today.

$40 p.h.

Up to 15 hours

$35 p.h.

Every hour thereafter

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